Internet Relay Chat (IRC)

Snahp.IT’s official IRC channel is now online, thanks to the guys at SceneP2P. If you’re unfamiliar with what IRC is, best visit this page first – All about IRC.

If you’re already familiar with IRC and how it works, you should know which application(s) to install. If you don’t, you can use any of these;

Windows Users : mIRC, Miranda IM, Trillian, Pidgin, KVIrc, Quassel, XChat.
Unix and Linux Users : irssi, XChat, Quassel, Kopete, Konversation, KVIrc, Pidgin, ii and the traditional ircII, BitchX and derivatives.
Mac OS X Users : Adium, Colloquy, LimeChat, Quassel, Ircle and Snak. OS X can also run most Unix-like command line and X11 IRC clients.
iOS Users : Colloquy, Mutter
Android Users : androIRC, Andchat, DaraIRC, fIRC chat, IRC radio, Yaaic, AiCiA, Droid-Life IRC, etc.

Now, since you’re all set, join us here ;

Ports: 6667 (+6697 for SSLRecommended)

Main Channel:

To join any of the following channels, just type /join

Hotlink: irc://
Hotlink (SSL): ircs://

Feel free to join in whenever you want, and keep it clean. 🙂