Criterion Collection 1080p BluRay x264-MIXED


Summary: Since 1984, the Criterion Collection has been dedicated to publishing important classic and contemporary films from around the world in editions that offer the highest technical quality and award-winning, original supplements. No matter the medium—from laserdisc to DVD and Blu-ray to FilmStruck, the streaming service developed in collaboration with Turner Classic Movies—Criterion has maintained its pioneering commitment to presenting each film as its maker would want it seen, in state-of-the-art restorations with special features designed to encourage repeated watching and deepen the viewer’s appreciation of the art of film.

If there is a missing film,reply here.I will add asap...


Direct Download Links:
Criterion Collection 1080p BluRay x264-MIXED (2.00 TiB)

Use browser to download .dlc container from filecrypt, then go to and upload .dlc container there and you will get zippy links

195 Responses

  1. pinkman22 says:

    Branded to Kill (1967) links are down

  2. Billyjoe says:

    Narc (2002) and They Live By Night (1948) links are down.
    reup please

  3. Critters says:

    Narc (2002) links are down

  4. Jeff says:

    would really appreciate The Spirit of the Beehive!

  5. James says:

    If possible could we get ”Walkabout” (1971)

    Great list!

  6. Quantum says:

    Blind Chance (1987) if possible please

  7. Bananaman says:

    The Coward 1965?

  8. lukas says:

    Lost in America is missing

  9. SilentSidney says:

    “If there is a missing film, reply here…”

    Time Bandits (1991) has been released by Criterion but isn’t in the list. Thank you for this collection, it’s great.

  10. Haydar says:

    Can you upload akira kurosawa movie like drunken angel and stray dogs please..

  11. Bananaman says:

    Still after these two:
    -Chronicle Of a Summer 1961 (ROVERS encode is not Criterion version)
    -Identification Of A Woman 1982 (CiNEFiLE encode is not Criterion version)

  12. Harmodios says:

    tried unpacking “Black Girl” on a Mac, but was unable to do so. Stuffit says “structure of the archive is damaged”, Unarchiver: “wrong hash total”. What can I do? Any help is appreciated.

    • Luchador1138 says:

      7z is a great program have you tried using that?

      • SilentSidney says:

        In my experience, 7z is likely to generate these errors, not sort out archives causing them in other tools. The commandline unrar tool in Linux (and therefore probably OS X too) deals perfectly with archives that cause problems in other tools.

  13. TV says:

    Can you please add Touch of Zen (1971)?

  14. lukas says:

    Marketa Lazarova and King of the Hill would be awsome

  15. johnny says:

    Hello, I found the one I asked about here some days ago:


    But it is present in the IMDb’s “50’s” movie list.

    I’m still missing this one:


    Maybe you could add it to that list.

    Thanks for all.

  16. johnny says:

    Thanks, I didn’t know it was already uploaded.

    And I apologize for the double message.


  17. johnny says:

    Hello, please add this one if you can:



  18. johnny says:

    HI, would you please upload this one:



  19. Jeebus says:

    These here were on the list before and vanished without a trace:


    The files were truncated. Could you upload replacements for them please?

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