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4. Even if your comment gets approved it does not mean your request will be fulfilled. We’ll try to do as much as possible.
5. There is no time frame within which a request would be completed. It can take us a day or a week, depending on the nature of the request.
6. Re-uploads can only be done for content posted within the last 3 days.
7. Do not make requests for single TV episodes.
8. iMDB links must be included.
9. Preferably provide info such as resolution or file size.

UPDATE: You can also request music! Please include Main Artist, Album, Year, and any other identifying information (such as remaster year, catalouge #, or the medium (WEB, CD, Vinyl, SACD, Cassette, Bluray, DVD))

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  1. Jay says:

    The Exorcist 1973 40th Anniversary Edition 1080p Blu-ray VC-1 DTS-HD MA 5 1-SNAHP

    This was uploaded late last year but link has been dead for a few months.

    Would appreciate a new link.

    Thank you.

  2. mai says:

    The Righteous Gemstones – first season
    Mostly looking for episode 3 – cant get a good download on usenet

  3. Jim says:

    Hi! Could we get the following uploaded:

    Movie name: Spider-man Far from Home
    Year: 2019
    Resolution: 2160p
    Format: Remux with Dolby Vision

    Thank you!

  4. Black says:

    please reupload T2 Trainspotting (2017) thanks

  5. joe says:

    hello snahp.it group

    can you upload the hanna barbara animation movie
    GoBots: Battle of the Rock Lords 1986

    thanks, keep up the great work!

  6. That guy says:

    Marvels Agents Of S H I E L D S01 BluRay 1080p AVC DTS-HD MA 5 1 REMUX-FraMeSToR
    Marvels Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D S02 BluRay 1080p DTS-HD MA 5 1 AVC REMUX-FraMeSToR


  7. Ty says:

    Please & thank you!

  8. hottestpotato says:

    Could you please upload the musical Meet Me in St. Louis (1944) in 1080?

  9. ferugson says:

    The Discreet Charm of the Bourgeoisie 1972

    Please upload this movie in 1080 bluray

  10. JGEthan says:

    The Tailor of Panama 2001

    Plz Upload Any Remux or Full BD of this Movie
    I didn’T Find anywhere Somewhere r seed down i know u Can do Plz Bro

  11. SleepingPhantoms says:

    Could you please upload: Witches of East End S01-S02 PROPER 1080p WEB-DL DD 5 1 x264-TrollHD ?



  12. Allison says:

    Can you reupload A Discovery of Witches in 1080p REMUX

  13. That guy says:



  14. DaveWi says:


    Complete season if possible- either release this or any 4k release please.

  15. Bastik says:

    Hi guys 🙂 Could you please upload The Mosquito Coast in Bluray remux or this link :

    The.Mosquito.Coast.1986.1080p.BluRay.X264-AMIABLE (7.95 GB)

  16. Thanks says:

    Please if possible, great movie! Thank you

  17. hayrettin says:

    Yahsi Bati – 2009


    Yahsi Bati (2009) 1080i Blu-ray AVC DTS-HD MA 5 1

  18. Kabo says:


    Thanks a bunch!

  19. FuggleStash says:

    Can you please re-upload Scream Queens, both seasons please? Thank you so much!!


  20. evan peters says:


  21. john doe says:

    z nation complete

  22. Emma says:

    Hello ! Thank you for your hard work !
    please , if you have some time , upload
    Free Rein S03 1080p WebRip
    Free Rein S02 1080p WebRip (this one was here , but Ep04 is damaged)

  23. Chad says:


  24. Ben says:

    On Becoming a God in Central Florida (2019) S01 https://www.imdb.com/title/tt6398232/

  25. RKing says:

    American Horror Story S09E01 1080p

  26. RKing says:

    American Horror Story S09E01 1080p

  27. Josia says:

    Please reupload:
    Hulk 2003 1080p BluRay REMUX VC-1 DTS-HD MA 5.1-FGT

    The Incredible Hulk 2008 Hybrid 1080p BluRay REMUX AVC DTS-X-EPSiLON

    Thanks before

  28. Tony K. says:

    Is it possible to get a re-upload of “Las Vegas S01-S05 1080p AMZN WEB-DL DD2 0 H 264-MIXED”

    Thank you!

  29. ilu says:


  30. quasar says:

    Request you to upload Little Dorrit (2008) TV Series by BBC.
    IMDB link: https://www.imdb.com/title/tt1178522/

  31. Niklaus says:

    The Office US (Best Quality Please)
    GoogleDrive Links

  32. jsoup says:

    Would appreciate if you could recover the links for


    Links for that piece has been expired for a while.

    Thanks for all the good work!

  33. HandyManny says:

    Name: Gary Owen: #DoinWhatIDo (2019)

    IMDB Link: https://www.imdb.com/title/tt10466790/

    Resolution: 1080p

    Quality: WEB-DL or WEBRip

    File Size: 3 GB or greater

  34. Paul Floreau says:

    Flintstones kids iTunes

  35. SAM says:

    MOM S06 is not there. PLease upload it.

  36. Castle says:

    Spider-Man Far From Home DVD Extras please

  37. Harris Mohammad says:

    FBI Season 1 (2018– )
    1080p x265 or 264
    Mega Or Zippyshare
    File size doesn’t matter

  38. john doe says:

    can you upload suits the tv show and killjoys the tv show

  39. knivemaster says:

    Please add the Rite (2011) in 1080P x264 REMUX
    Blu-ray link: https://www.blu-ray.com/movies/The-Rite-Blu-ray/21667/
    IMDB Link: https://www.imdb.com/title/tt1161864/

  40. Olivia says:

    Please may you upload Not Going Out Seasons 1-10 in 1080p. https://www.imdb.com/title/tt0862614/

  41. Jorge says:

    Rules of Engagement (2007-2013) TV show, 100 episodes, 7 seasons, David Spade, Patrick Warburton Megyn Price. All 7 seasons available on DVD & in HD on Amazon Prime Video (HD upload preferable). Started airing again lately on TV, great show (“Deja Vu” channel)

  42. Brandon Agius says:

    Can you please upload the [REC] collection in 1080p x264 REMUX.
    Blu-ray Link: https://www.blu-ray.com/movies/The-REC-Collection-Blu-ray/206738/

    Many Thanks.

  43. Samay says:

    Please upload the full 6th season of MOM. Only a few episodes have been uploaded. Please complete it.

  44. air1976 says:

    Could you please upload The.Manitou.1978.1080p.BluRay.x264-PSYCHD

  45. lilbro93 says:

    The Rookie (2002)







    would do.

    Thank you.

  46. Johny says:

    The Return of the Living Dead – Would someone kindly add this back? Theres like 3-4 different ones here, but all links are dead..& not in a good way. Please & Thank You.

  47. jhornst says:

    Aeon Flux (2005)

  48. yasar says:

    may i request Désirée (1954) in 1080p remux or full bd please

  49. eleane says:

    Hi everyone,

    Could someone please upload this specific edition of the following title?
    Thanks in advance for your time and consideration.

    The Texas Chain Saw Massacre (1974).
    Full BD.
    Source: 1080p GBR Blu-ray AVC DTS-HD MA 7.1-ESiR (Second Sight 40th Anniversary).


  50. Bastik says:

    Could you upload the integral of The Prisoner in remux please ? Thank you very much guys !
    It deals with this link :

    The.Prisoner.1967.S01.1080p.BluRay.x264-CiNEFiLE (67.55 GB)

  51. joe says:

    hello Dorukhan

    can you reupload


    thanks a lot

  52. Riko says:


  53. Busboy says:

    Hi, i’d like to request “You Were Never Really Here” thank you!

  54. Bastik says:

    Hello guys 🙂 Coud you upload this link please ? Thank you very much !

    The.Man.Without.a.Face.1993.1080p.BluRay.x264-AMIABLE (7.75 GB)

  55. Jonathan says:

    NCIS Season 16 please!

    highest quality possible, remux if you can get it.

  56. Jamaia says:

    Hello to the owners of this fantastic website !
    Would you please add :
    Younger TV Series (2015– ) S06
    Tons of thanks !

  57. Kevin Watson says:

    Looking for The ABC’s of Death


  58. Derek Meddings says:

    Could you re-upload season 2 of Extant (https://www.imdb.com/title/tt3155320/)?


  59. emkay says:

    The Righteous Gemstones

  60. Jorge says:

    Next Gen (2018) animated film on Netflix – 1st made in blender full movie 🙂

  61. ali says:

    Can you post One from the heart, from Francis Ford Coppola?


  62. hornatjesse says:

    Can someone please upload the film Girlhood? thanks

  63. ty says:


  64. That guy says:



    It’s up here but missing file 59: https://snahp.it/?p=50741

    So if possible to fix file 59 or just do a new upload.

  65. eleane says:

    Hi everyone,

    Could someone please upload this specific edition of the following title?
    Thanks in advance for your time and consideration.

    Halloween (1978).
    Full BD.
    Source: 35th Anniversary Edition 1080p Blu-ray AVC TrueHD 7.1-v99

    Disc Size: 40,612,577,901 bytes
    Feature Size: 29,379,581,952 bytes
    Length: 1:30:56.451
    Total Bitrate: 43.08 Mbps
    Video: MPEG-4 AVC Video / 36201 kbps / 1080p / 23.976 fps / 16:9 / High Profile 4.1
    Audio: English / Dolby TrueHD Audio / 7.1 / 48 kHz / 2968 kbps / 16-bit (AC3 Embedded: 5.1 / 48 kHz / 640 kbps)


  66. Jonathan says:

    Haikyuu!! Season 1-3 Dual Audio 10bit BD1080p x265


    I don’t really have any specific audio quality requests besides “just make it good”. Whatever good quality you can get is fine with me.

  67. johnnieb says:

    There are some AMZ webrips of the jackie chan and Sammo Hung movies. Does anyone have links to those. Appricated.

  68. BotW says:

    please upload
    The Long Goodbye 1973 1080p GBR Blu-ray AVC LPCM 1.0-ESiR

    Disc Title: The Long Goodbye 1973 1080p GBR Blu-ray AVC LPCM 1.0-ESiR
    Disc Size: 47,607,423,797 bytes
    Protection: AACS
    BD-Java: No
    Playlist: 00001.MPLS
    Size: 34,964,555,328 bytes
    Length: 1:52:11.182
    Total Bitrate: 41.56 Mbps
    Video: MPEG-4 AVC Video / 35000 kbps / 1080p / 23.976 fps / 16:9 / High Profile 4.1
    Audio: English / LPCM Audio / 1.0 / 48 kHz / 1152 kbps / 24-bit
    Audio: Undetermined / LPCM Audio / 1.0 / 48 kHz / 1152 kbps / 24-bit
    Subtitle: English / 40.401 kbps


  69. Freeman says:

    Hi. If possible, could you please post Bates Motel 1080p + Extras 1080p x264?
    Thank you.

  70. Sushanth says:

    Can you upload Unbelievable S01 1080p

  71. batsjoker says:

    Hasan Minhaj Homecoming King 1080p

  72. Danny says:

    The Air Up There 1994
    IMDb – https://www.imdb.com/title/tt0109067/


  73. Genghis says:

    More Qxr encodes please, especially tv shows.

  74. Kyle Clark says:

    Any chance of getting a re-up on Edie? ZS links all down:
    Edie 2017 1080p BluRay REMUX AVC Atmos-EPSiLON
    Thank you

  75. Nicholas Coombs says:

    Skins S01-S07 1080p WEB-DL AAC2 0 H 264-MIXED

    Hey guys. Could you please re-upload Skins S01 – 07 1080p WEB-DL AAC2 0 H 264??


  76. Crider says:

    Request for Scott Pilgrim vs. the World (2010) Remux

    Thank you very much!

  77. Bigboijv says:

    Is it possible to reupload part 53 of the Person of Interest Season 4? Person of Interest (2011) Season 4 S04 + Extras (1080p BluRay x265 HEVC 10bit AAC 5.1 RZeroX)


    Thanks for your time.

  78. Salem-fan says:

    Hello, thank you for your continued service. Could you please upload the TV series “Salem” (2014) in 1080p? it’s impossible to find online except through torrents, which are a no-go where I live due to draconic ISPs (already got two letters). Thanks in advance if fulfilled. Take care.

  79. Silentblade says:

    please reupload Nerve (2016)
    pretty everything is down… thanks

  80. Ano Nymous says:

    Young Sheldon S02 1080p BluRay x264-SHORTBREHD

  81. wow says:

    The FBI Files All Season if Possible

  82. Victor says:

    Please upload Cars 2006 2160p remux framestor.

  83. Nickkgt says:

    Hi, King of Queeens in 1080p x265 would be great.
    possible release:
    The King of Queens Seasons (1-9) Complete 1080p BluRay HEVC x265-QXR
    Thanks in advance

  84. Obi Wan says:

    Timeless Season 2 please 1080p
    + The Miracle of Christmas special

  85. Pristin says:

    Please re-upload the good place season 1. all of the ones (remux and amazon and the other one) are not available. thank you!

  86. Dewey Cox says:

    The REMUX is already posted, but I’m hoping for the Full 4K BD of John Wick 3 : Chapter 3 – Parabellum.
    The bluray officially releases on September 10 so I’m hoping the Full 4K BD will be floating around soon. Cheers!

  87. Turbokid77 says:

    Can we get all these NEW 4K releases Please. Remux would be great.

    Google Drive 10g splits are ok with me.

  88. irhz says:

    Could we please get Cooley.High.1975.1080p.BluRay.x264-SiNNERS
    https://www.imdb.com/title/tt0072820/ Thank you in advance!

  89. Jack says:

    Could you please re-upload Paddington 2014 BluRay Remux 1080p AVC DTS-HD MA 5 1-OurBits

  90. Rich H says:

    A Civil Action – 1998

    Thank you!

  91. Vuqar says:

    I would like to have Back-End Developer: Java Course files from OPENCLASSROOMS
    Course link : https://openclassrooms.com/en/paths/78-back-end-developer-java#path_start
    By saying “course files” I mean video files etc.

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