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  1. q dev says:

    any chance of fixing part 46 and 73? the zippyshare links dont work. Thanks!

  2. Nhau Phiri says:

    Hi there, is someone having a problems with part number 109 as i am having?

  3. R. A. says:

    Part 58 seems inaccessible. It refuses to connect.

  4. Magneto5566 says:

    Do I miss .dlc in the page? I can’t see any icon for downloading .dlc

  5. Jim says:

    Is there a reason Mega links are 58.27GB and ZP are 56.82?

  6. dodgy_steve says:

    Well, this would be great IF we could actually buy GFX capable of running it… 🙁

  7. e says:

    Is the mega file emp-acv.iso the repack? Thanks

  8. smiglo5 says:

    That was unexpected to see it here. Thank you!!

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