Avengers: Age of Ultron 2015 1080p 2160p Blu-ray Encode/REMUX/BD PACK-MiXED

Avengers: Age of Ultron (2015)

Summary: Tony Stark creates the Ultron Program to protect the world, but when the peacekeeping program becomes hostile, The Avengers go into action to try and defeat a virtually impossible enemy together. Earth’s mightiest heroes must come together once again to protect the world from global extinction.

Director: Joss Whedon
Stars: Robert Downey Jr., Chris Hemsworth, Mark Ruffalo, Chris Evans
Rating: 7.3/10
Votes: 704,588
Genres: Action, Adventure, Sci-Fi
Runtime: 141 min

Links: IMDb

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2. If you’re taken to FileCrypt – please enter the password, solve the captcha and click on the download DLC button
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Extra protection has been added to this release as it may have been taken down recently or there is a risk of it being taken down soon. Thank you for your understanding and we hope you enjoy the content.

23 Responses

  1. Jim says:

    Any chance for Part 85 to re-uped?

  2. bluedaredevil says:

    Part 85 actually says offline now, so for the love of god if OP doesn’t have the original, please stop promoting this in the top because EVERYBODY is waiting for the single file to fixed.

  3. Jan says:

    Part 85 is still down

  4. bluedaredevil says:

    Part 85 is STILL down. If OP has it can he/she please just fix that one file?

  5. Jim says:

    Even though Part 85 does appear to be available on Zippyshare, it still does not download. Is it possible to upload Part 85 separately please?

  6. raj says:

    please fix part 85 of the uhd remux. it is online but unavailable to download

  7. Jim says:

    Unfortunately, part 85 is still down for the 2160p REMUX

  8. Carlos says:

    Please fix part 85 or give a new link for it

  9. Anon says:

    Same issue. Part 85 is missing 🙁

  10. Carlos says:

    Avengers.Age.of.Ultron.2015.UHD.BluRay.2160p.TrueHD.Atmos.7.1.HEVC.REMUX-FraMeSToR continues with problems on part 85, says “500 Internal Server Error” or the zippyshare page opens but the file is not downloaded. Please fix it
    Great job

  11. Andrew Tan says:

    @MICHAEL, appreciate you could re-upload part 85. It is still down today (02 May, 2020).

  12. anonymous says:

    Please fix “Avengers.Age.of.Ultron.2015.UHD.BluRay.2160p.TrueHD.Atmos.7.1.HEVC.REMUX-FraMeSToR” part 85

  13. Janine says:

    Please fix part 85 its not found

  14. hans says:

    same for me. can reach the page but cant download it 🙁

  15. anonymous says:

    Still the same, i’ve tried with at least a dozen of differents countries (with or without vpn and/or proxy) and the result is always the same : “Avengers.Age.of.Ultron.2015.UHD.BluRay.2160p.TrueHD.Atmos.7.1.HEVC.REMUX-FraMeSToR part085” might be temporarily down or it may have moved permanently to a new web address

    • Michael says:

      If that is the case, it has to be an issue on ZippyShare’s end. Try again after a few hours or tomorrow – they tend to do maintenance on servers every now and then

  16. anonymous says:

    apparently part 85 of Avengers.Age.of.Ultron.2015.UHD.BluRay.2160p.TrueHD.Atmos.7.1.HEVC.REMUX-FraMeSToR is down (error 500)

    • Michael says:

      Try again after some time

      • anonymous says:

        now it’s totally down 🙁

        • Michael says:

          Part85 is working perfectly fine for me. Try again through a proxy or something

          • anonymous says:

            Still down, i’ve tried usying multiple proxy / vpn across various countries and the result is always : This site can’t be reached – The webpage at “Avengers.Age.of.Ultron.2015.UHD.BluRay.2160p.TrueHD.Atmos.7.1.HEVC.REMUX-FraMeSToR” part 85 might be temporarily down or it may have moved permanently to a new web address.

          • anonym says:

            the Zippyshare location is online, it’s the download link on the page that doesn’t work anymore

          • Andrew Tan says:

            Hi, it do appear online but it cannot be download. From comment here it is not working since 27 April until for the moment 2 May. Total 6 days and the file still showing missing after you click download.

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