It Happened in Hollywood 1937 Adventure in Sahara 1938 Power of the Press 1943 1080p Blu-ray AVC LPCM 1.0-SNAHP

Summary: This is the first disc in the Samuel Fuller at Columbia (1937 – 1961) box set.It Happened in Hollywood (1937) – A silent western star, Tim Bart (Richard Dix) and his frequent co-star Gloria Gay (Fay Wray) are let go by the studio when talking pictures come into vogue, and motion pictures took place indoors to accomadate the microphones necessary to record sound. Bart is prepared to leave Hollywood for good when a young crippled boy knocks on his door and wants to meet him, Gloria, and his Hollywood friends.Adventure in Sahara 1938 – American Jim Wilson (Paul Kelly) joins the French Legion to investigate the cruel and savage Legionaire Captain Savatt (C. Henry Gordon) after his brother dies under Savatt’s command.Power of the Press (1943) – Ulysses Bradford (Guy Kibee) takes over a newspaper that has come under control of an isolationist editor Howard Raskin (Otto Kruger).

Director:  Harry Lachman
Stars: Richard Dix, Fay Wray, Victor Kilian, Charles Arnt


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  1. johnny says:

    I already got “Underwold…” from the ’60s thread. Just one left to get.


  2. johnny says:

    And this one a well please:

  3. johnny says:

    Hi, could you please post the only missing one (afaik) from the Fuller’s pack:





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