NYPD Blue S01-S12 720p HULU WEB-DL AAC2.0 H.264-AJP69


Seasons: 12

Summary:  Each week viewers see the gritty reality of life in a New York City Police unit as the officers go about their work with a grim determination. Two partners, Detectives Andy Sipowicz and John Kelley (later replaced by Bobby Simone), are the central characters in this weekly police drama, and personify very different approaches to their difficult job. Sipowicz’s brash gruffness (covering an emotional vulnerability) is tempered by the precise and controlled demeanor of the two partners with whom he has worked.

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Width : 1 280 pixels
Height : 720 pixels
Codec : AAC
Channels : 2
Bit rate : 64.0 kb/s

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NYPD.Blue.S01.720p.HULU.WEB-DL.AAC2.0.H.264-AJP69 (23.4GB)
NYPD.Blue.S02.720p.HULU.WEB-DL.AAC2.0.H.264-AJP69 (22.4GB)
NYPD.Blue.S03.720p.HULU.WEB-DL.AAC2.0.H.264-AJP69 (22.2GB)
NYPD.Blue.S04.720p.HULU.WEB-DL.AAC2.0.H.264-AJP69 (21.8GB)
NYPD.Blue.S05.720p.HULU.WEB-DL.AAC2.0.H.264-AJP69 (21.3GB)
NYPD.Blue.S06.720p.HULU.WEB-DL.AAC2.0.H.264-AJP69 (21.4GB)
NYPD.Blue.S07.720p.HULU.WEB-DL.AAC2.0.H.264-AJP69 (20.9GB)
NYPD.Blue.S08.720p.HULU.WEB-DL.AAC2.0.H.264-AJP69 (18.8GB)
NYPD.Blue.S09.720p.HULU.WEB-DL.AAC2.0.H.264-AJP69 (20.9GB)
NYPD.Blue.S10.720p.HULU.WEB-DL.AAC2.0.H.264-AJP69 (20.6B)
NYPD.Blue.S11.720p.HULU.WEB-DL.AAC2.0.H.264-AJP69 (20.7GB)
NYPD.Blue.S12.720p.HULU.WEB-DL.AAC2.0.H.264-AJP69 (18.8GB)

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  1. HappyPotato says:

    is there a x265 set?

  2. Abe Froman says:

    Any chance for NCIS?

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