Oz COMPLETE 1080p AMZN WEB-DL DDP2.0 H.264-pawel2006 & AlfaHD

Oz (1997–2003)

Stars: Ernie Hudson, J.K. Simmons, Lee Tergesen, Dean Winters

Runtime: 55 minutes (taken from iMDB)
Genre: Crime, Drama, Thriller

Rating: 8.7* (may differ)
Votes: 85736 (may differ)

Release Date: 1997-07-12 (taken from IMDb)
Viewer Rating (TV/MPAA): TV-MA (taken from IMDb)

Summary: Oz chronicles life inside an experimental cell block in the Oswald Maximum Security Correctional Facility: Level Four called Emerald City. Under unit manager Tim McManus and Warden Leo Glynn, the inmates in Em City all struggle to fulfill their own needs. Some fight for power; either power over the drug trade or power over the other inmate factions. Others want money, either through slinging ‘tits’ (drugs), gambling or other scams. Others, Corrections officers and inmates alike, simply want to survive long enough to make parole or even to see tomorrow. The show gives a no-holds-barred account of prison life with all the plots, subplots and conflicts given context and explanation by the show’s wheelchair-bound narrator, Augustus Hill.

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26 Responses

  1. Olive says:

    S01 varies between 10 Mbps – 11.7 Mbps
    S02 varies between 10 Mbps – 12.5 Mbps
    S03 varies between 10 Mbps – 11.7 Mbps
    S04 10.0 Mbps (not confirmed)
    S05 10.0 Mbps
    S06 10.0 Mbps

    For the quality of this type of release, bitrates of 5 Mbps to 8 Mbps would have been enough which would have decreased the size of each file below 3 GB and retained the same quality but its better to have more bitrate than needed rather than less.

    Thank you.

    • Bill says:

      10-12 Mbps is not bad… I do think 5 Mbps would have been to low.. DVD9 which are 480p are usually at 5 Mbps, I would say 8 Mbps to 10 Mbps max would have been perfect for this upscale.

  2. Jamie says:

    Thank you.. this will take long time for me. please make sure it says alive for a while.

  3. disons says:

    People please wear your glasses, this is awful, my bd does a better upscale job on the dvd’s than this ! It’s really not worth both the disk space and the tiring download process.

    • Kano says:

      There is something in the air and it aint love… The fact is this upscale is better quality than the DVDs, size of file to quality is larger than needs to be but depends on how much you love this series. My bd does not do a better job on the upscale… I am happy for now but looking forward to a bluray release.

  4. Ali Bongo says:

    One of the best series of all time, been looking for 1080p for long time but not released on bluray yet, I think due to the source, AR and number of episodes is why it has not been done yet.
    But its pretty impressive that AMZN did this upgrade which is likely an upscale rendering which is awesome. This was only recetly released… Dorukhan you are amazing…
    Thank you

  5. Jack says:

    Thanks a lot dorukhan for this.. can anyone tell me what is the home tracker of pawel2006?

  6. Travis says:

    Sadly these are upscaled

    • MagnumPI says:

      yeah….still a bit better than the dvd maybe

    • Timucin says:

      What does upscaled mean ?
      I think it’s not what we know as 1080p full HD. I watched for a while. And you can not make it full screen. Isn’t it possible to make more quality technically?

      • Bill says:

        You would or should expect it to be upscaled… why would you think amzn would invest in such a huge task of rendering all the episodes from the source to proper 1080p ? These are 1080i

        This is sometimes not even done for some movies and they are released with 1080i, but all we have of Oz is the DVDs or these 1080i and I would take these happily until they actually do release 1080p on bluray.

        Thank you dorukhan.. gem of a post.

        • Bill says:

          @MagnumPl and Timucin

          This is due to the source AR and what you are referring to is the fact that its not 1920×1080 it will never be, i could be wrong but even if it is rendered to bluray 1080p it will remain 1440×1080 not sure what they can do about that.. A good example of this is the tom and jerry blurays which also are 1440x1080p and these are considered 1080p.

          • timucin says:

            Thank you Bill for your explanation. Is there any possibility to be released with better quality than this? Or should I store this share as the best available quality of OZ?

          • Bill says:

            1. Quality: Yes when it is rendered from master source (digitally remastered) into 1080p which is only done with bluray releases, it will look better and higher definition but maybe not great this will depend on the source.

            2. AR Picture Frame: They may not change the AR becuase source was shot in a short width, it may ruin the picture by stretching too much but they should be able do something to improve the AR, I would think a 1.85:1 could be possible or even 2.20:1 which would solve the problem but its very rare for blurays to be released in this AR.

        • timucin says:

          thank you again for your second explanation. As far as I understand in order to gain 1080 full hd quality dvd release is neeeded and it’s not available now and we don’t know if it’ll be available in the future. Ok thanks.

  7. Khan says:

    Excellent. Thank you .. waiting for the rest. 🙂

  8. skynetic says:

    devamı gelecek mi acaba?

    • dorukhan says:

      Evet 3 sezon kaldı.Elemanı bekliyoruz riplemesini : )

      • Timucin says:

        Dorukhan şu normal bildiğimiz 1080p full hd kalitesinde değil sanırım. Baktım. Ayrıca full ekran yapılamıyor. Daha kaliteli bir görüntü yapmak mümkün değil mi teknik olarak?

        • dorukhan says:

          Yok bu amazon prime’dan rip edilmiş.2160p sunulursa o iyi görüntü verebilir..

          • Timucin says:

            Neyse henüz izlemediğim bir dizi. Daha bir yığın dizi var izlenecek. Kafadan 2 yıl sürer OZ’a sıra gelmesi. O vakte kadar daha kaliteli bir versiyon çıkarsa ne ala. Çıkmazsa bunu izleriz artık.

  9. darkhalf says:

    Thank you so much! I can replcae my DVD rips now!

  10. Bill says:

    Wow amazing… Classic

  11. timucin says:

    thank you a lot. you are awesome!

  12. dorukhan says:

    Filename…….: Oz.S01E01.The.Routine.1080p.AMZN.WEB-DL.DDP2.0.H.264-pawel2006.mkv
    Container……: Matroska
    Duration…….: 56 min 7 s
    Size………..: 4.61 GiB

    Codec……….: AVC High @ L4 8 bits
    Type………..: Progressive
    Resolution…..: 1440×1080
    Bit rate…….: 11.3 Mb/s
    Frame rate…..: 29.970 (30000/1001) FPS

    Format………: E-AC-3
    Channels…….: 2 channels
    Bit rate…….: 224 kb/s
    Language…….: English

    Language…….: English

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