Person of Interest 2011 S01-S05 1080p BluRay 10bit 5.1 x265 HEVC-Qman [UTR]

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Person.of.Interest.2011.S01-S05.BluRay.1080p.10bit.5.1.x265.HEVC-Qman [UTR]

Seasons: 05
Episodes: 103

Summary: A billionaire software-genius named Harold Finch creates a Machine for the government that is designed to detect acts of terror before they can happen, by monitoring the entire world through every cell-phone, email and surveillance camera. Finch discovered that the machine sees everything, potential terrorist acts and violent crimes that involve ordinary people. When the government considered violent crimes between normal people “irrelevant”, Finch built a back door into the system that gives him the social security number of a person involved in a future violent crime so he could act.

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Size: 64 GB

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Person.Of.Interest.2011.Season.01.BluRay.1080p.10bit.5.1.x265.HEVC-Qman [UTR]
Person.Of.Interest.2011.Season.02.BluRay.1080p.10bit.5.1.x265.HEVC-Qman [UTR]
Person.Of.Interest.2011.Season.03.BluRay.1080p.10bit.5.1.x265.HEVC-Qman [UTR]
Person.Of.Interest.2011.Season.04.BluRay.1080p.10bit.5.1.x265.HEVC-Qman [UTR]
Person.Of.Interest.2011.Season.05.BluRay.1080p.10bit.5.1.x265.HEVC-Qman [UTR]

11 Responses

  1. mir says:

    can you also install the bluray version of this directory

  2. Amr Elshamy says:

    can someone upload S02 part 18 and S04 part 33 and 35 to any service rather than zippyshare. these files got blocked from the ISP firewall

  3. Penjaga says:

    Hi, so many files files lost from Season 3. Part 41, 42, 53, 54, 55, 56, 61. Pls check. tq.

  4. Bob says:

    part 59 from “Person.Of.Interest.2011.Season.04.BluRay.1080p.10bit.5.1.x265.HEVC-Qman” seems to be down. Can you please check? 🙂 Thank you so much!

  5. WhoAmI says:


    EPISODES #6-22 of SEASON 2 are x265 (@L4.0) not x265 (Main 10 @L4.0). Every other episode is x265 (Main 10 @L4.0).

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