Site Inactivity – Looking for Uploaders!

Hello all,

You must have noticed that there hasn’t been many posts on the blog for around a week now. Most of our current editors are going through a tough phase in life where they’re not able to dedicated enough time to the blog – and understandably so. Over the next few days/weeks, there may be a very low amount of uploads that are posted on the blog. The forum will continue to operate independently, like it always has.

This is when I’m willing to bring in new editors to the blog. If you’re interested in uploading and sharing content, please mark me an email at snahp_contact[@]protonmail[.]ch

Please mention what all content are you willing to upload (Apps/Movies/etc), what filehosts you will be uploading to, your connection/server speed and past uploading experience. Goes without saying but ZippyShare is mandatory on ALL uploads.

You should be willing to fill requests as well, and not just focused on doing the newer/latest releases. We’re looking for people that will Only send us an email if you’re actually serious about this and not just looking to upload for like a week or so. Proofs of private trackers will be beneficial. Prior knowledge of WordPress will be very handy.

Thank you!

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  1. Arrow says:

    Can someone send me an invitation code for the forum please?

    Please send it on this

    dnsar9604 (@) gmail .com

  2. islanq says:

    I have long wanted to post content (as I encode most of my own stuff and have many movies / tv series now currently available). However, the process of becoming an “uploader” was too much trouble. Why the designation and what not? What can’t people just contribute openly?

  3. deejay says:

    Is there any way you can better monetize this stuff? I think if you can earn some decent monies here maybe that could provide proper incentive to uploaders. I would even be willing to pay or donate to you guys on regular basis. Personally im really involved with a lot of webdesign and other stuff (apart from fulltime job) so i depend on uploaders so i can get entertainment.

  4. MT says:

    Dahaka and a few others are doing a great job keeping up.
    Thank you very much to all of you.
    And thank you Dorukhan for all you have done and continue to do.

  5. TM says:

    Mailed Ya with some info…

  6. owndhizn says:

    How can we help? I would love to contribute. I will hunt in the forum for some guidelines but I would love to fill any holes in content that I can!

  7. Moura says:

    Well I do upload in bimestral batches inside project Robin Hood

    Feel free to rip from there and upload here too

  8. Goslingichi says:

    Could someone define “Site Inactivity.”

    I see new uploads all the time on the blog so how is it not being uploaded to?

  9. DamonSchultz says:

    @Michael I’m in. I upload on the forum. don’t have prior knowledge to wordpress however. i can do the rest. uploading constantly and the like with anime, some movies and tv series etc. Hit me up. Aaand i’ve also sent to your protonmail as well. let me know how i can help.

  10. Javandosh says:

    I have no experience, but i totally know I am reliable to upload. Thanks to our previous uploaders, your work will always be appreciated.

  11. Unbanmepls says:

    It’s a damn shame that my day one registered account to the forums was nuked for inactivity, before it was ever a requirement. I didnt need to use the forum to get my videos. And then, post lockdown it was already blocked. And there is zero way to contact anyone about it.

  12. Doomsday says:

    Ohh… This is really sad, and for the people who share this awesome content with us… Y hope your problems can be fixed.
    And im here with this idea. Dont search people who just come here for the invitation to the forum, why not “A Person” for the forum? You could talk on the forum with the uploaders with more activity 🙂
    Greetings from latam, and great job.
    PD: Sorry for my bad english

  13. Biggies says:

    I also think Zippyshare should be mandatory, that’s the whole point of this site it’s so smooth to use if you use

    JDownloader. The stuff in the forum are mostly Mega which makes it so difficult to use because of the

    bandwith-limit. And I hear megabasterd isn’t perfect. Would rather prefer google drive over mega.

    Always hope you guys the best! You guys are a hardworking team, love u 😀

    • Redzamboni says:

      Megabasterd is not perfect at all. It simulates streaming and the streaming servers it uses are very unstable. The speed constantly keep shooting up and down from something like 20 kb/s to around 4 MB/s and then you experience most of the times, that the connection all of a sudden just dies.
      Tried it a couple of times before i decided to get VPN and have not used that tool since.

      Mega is also one of those hosts, where you are much better off with VPN and Jdownloader 2, simply to circumvent the download limits, where you then just switch to another server if you hit a download limit wall.

    • Good S. says:

      Yeah only problem being google locks down files if they’re downloaded too much and deletes accounts after a DMCA or two. There’s a reason we don’t allow Drive.

  14. MSG says:

    What’s an alternative to this site? Just in case it goes under. Suggestions? Not interested in torrent sites. Just a site that posts new movies and shows that is easy to follow.

  15. iamsinner says:

    ZippyShare should be mandatory. anyone who uses internet can download opera browser which provides free vpn and with full internet speed according to ISP. unlimited downloads without any ristriction or limit that is my experience with Zippyshare

  16. Michael says:

    What filehost other than ZS would you guys suggest? Google Drive? Mega?

    • Neth0 says:

      uptobox is good for files to stay online long after mega or fitchier may have deleted it already. you can see that at on the bad site the download speed is not always “good” and not even close to like zippy if its loading at its best. maybe has better speed but i’m not a professional

    • RKing says:

      Yes, GD and Mega are great IMO, people with GD can use Education/Work accounts to download, people who want Mega can use MegaBasterd.

  17. dodgysteve says:

    So long as you insist on zippyshare, most of Europe’s best sharers can’t help you (UK, Germany etc all geoblocked by racists @ zippy.)

    • Redzamboni says:

      True. The only way to access in those blocked countries is using VPN, where you then use a foreign server in a country that has not been blocked by Zippyshare.
      The minus there then is that its a jungle out there with those, because the majority of them does not exactly deliver very fast up or download speeds.
      They can be up to 80% slower than the connection you pay for at your ISP.

      • Van says:

        Opera browser has an inbuilt VPN that requires pretty much no setup. I can also download at full speed (although I only have 5MB/s).

  18. Pornhub says:

    Upload Porn as well

  19. Spongebob says:

    Why the zippyshare requirement? Zippyshare has blocked off several countries so it isn’t exactly userfriendly anymore.

    • Neth0 says:

      one of the best for downloading with vpn tough

    • Latin says:

      Zippy is only blocked in a couple of European countries. Works fine in most of the world. No download limit.

    • Awrence says:

      The geoblock is easy to avoid with a VPN.

      • Stock says:

        You have to pay for it though. Else, downloading 100GB+ is not a joke, it can take weeks.

        That said, I’m grateful that this exists. It’s just that I don’t think ZS is the future. I could even offer myself as an uploader if it wasn’t for this requirement.

  20. Reduviidae says:

    Thank you uploaders

  21. Rob says:

    Whoever is kind enough to pick up this daunting task, can you please do as many “Plus.Comm” files as possible? LOVE the attached audio commentary. Thanks

  22. cdcrusher says:

    Hope the uploaders get through this tough period as quick as possible. We thank them for their contribution.

  23. astroboy says:

    i dont have the time, but a big thanks for all the uploaders hard the work!

  24. AncientBeing says:

    I don’t see how someone would upload if they don’t are allowed into the forum.
    Quid pro quo. One good turn deserves another. As the old Roman scholars used to say.

    • Michael says:

      I fail to see how uploading/posting on the blog will be affected with whether someone’s on the forum or not..?

      • davey says:

        If admittance to the forum is offered in exchange for uploading then it will incentivise uploaders.

        It’s fairly obvious. The site is crying out for uploaders… some people would be willing to upload stuff in exchange for an invite to the forum.

        • Michael says:

          Sure, if someone’s helping the blog grow they’ll definitely eventually make their way into the forum. However, it is not something worth mentioning in the original post as we do not want people coming to the blog with their main motive being joining the forum.

  25. bond says:

    Thank you uploaders. Genuinely. In a time of torrent throttling and ISPs being assholes, this has always been my saviour.

    Hope it continues to stay so 🙂

  26. Michael says:

    Thanks to all of the uploaders for making our lives that much more fun and enjoyable – prayers and respect to all of you. Thank you all

  27. vinid says:

    I would be happy to be an uploader, I just don’t know the… hum, get the stuff in the first place. But I hope everybody will be fine and continue to make this site amazing.

  28. NIK says:

    This site not only changed my life but also my data cap. hope it becomes what it used to be and take care of yourselves and thank you so much

  29. DB says:

    Get better soon and all the best, you do a great job and the absence will surely be missed. Hopefully not forever and the site is flourishing again 🙂

  30. ribasmudj says:

    Hello is there any way to get access to the forum part of the site? What are the requirements?

  31. Mope says:

    We won’t let you join the forum, but maybe you can upload files to our site for us!

  32. Michael says:

    Thanks and respect for you all.Site changed my life.

  33. ivan says:

    since all loyal regular users are affected by this.. shouldnt you open forum signups for a short period?

  34. mage5494088 says:

    Huge thanks for far east asia, wish all of you the best!!!

  35. ana says:

    I so much appreciate and am glad and hope for, that this site is not going down totally. I wish all you people all the best going through times and to recover and take all the time you need!! And find serious, good people to help and get to continue this! This is such a “wow!” great basic you created!! Thank you again for everything done before!

  36. HanZie says:

    Best of luck to all the wonderful editors that made this great site possible.
    Hope all will be well soon for the editors. Let them take the time to recuperate. 🙂

  37. Castor says:

    I wish the uploaders and editors all the best, hope you’ll be fine whatever you’re going through right now.

    Best regards.

  38. maxtesti says:

    I wish I could help but don’t have the time or knowledge. I’d like to thank all the uploaders for their amazing contribution and wish them all the best. This is to my knowledge the only site where I can still download files without having to pay a monthly subscription to a host. I fear this will come to an end pretty soon. 🙁

  39. admin says:

    Take care of yourselves guys!

  40. Tulip says:

    What about lossless Music files? And can i encrypt them the way forum.snahp does?

  41. CP11 says:

    Would you consider opening forum registrations again, please? Or offering invitation codes?

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