Star Wars Episode I – VI 1977 – 2005 2160p HDR Disney WEBRip DTS-HD MA 6.1 x265-TrollUHD

Star Wars: Episode I – IV –  (1977 – 2005)

Director: George Lucas
Stars: Liam Neeson, Ewan McGregor, Natalie Portman, Jake Lloyd

Runtime: 136 minutes (taken from iMDB)
Genre: Action, Adventure, Fantasy, Sci-Fi

Rating: 6.5* (may differ)
Votes: 671698 (may differ)

Release Date: 1999-05-19 (taken from IMDb)
Viewer Rating (TV/MPAA): PG (taken from IMDb)

Summary: The evil Trade Federation, led by Nute Gunray is planning to take over the peaceful world of Naboo. Jedi Knights Qui-Gon Jinn and Obi-Wan Kenobi are sent to confront the leaders. But not everything goes to plan. The two Jedi escape, and along with their new Gungan friend, Jar Jar Binks head to Naboo to warn Queen Amidala, but droids have already started to capture Naboo and the Queen is not safe there. Eventually, they land on Tatooine, where they become friends with a young boy known as Anakin Skywalker. Qui-Gon is curious about the boy, and sees a bright future for him. The group must now find a way of getting to Coruscant and to finally solve this trade dispute, but there is someone else hiding in the shadows. Are the Sith really extinct? Is the Queen really who she says she is? And what’s so special about this young boy?

Links: iMDB – NFO

Direct Download Links:

Star.Wars.Episode.I.The.Phantom.Menace.1999.2160p.HDR.Disney.WEBRip.DTS-HD.MA.6.1.x265-TrollUHD – 21Gb

Download from ZIPPYSHARE (Splits) – NO LIMITS

Download from 1fichier (Single Link) – NO LIMITS

Star.Wars.Episode.II.Attack.of.the.Clones.2002.2160p.HDR.Disney.WEBRip.DTS-HD.MA.6.1.x265-TrollUHD – 18Gb

Download from ZIPPYSHARE (Splits) – NO LIMITS

Download from 1fichier (Single Link) – NO LIMITS

Star.Wars.Episode.III.Revenge.of.the.Sith.2005.2160p.HDR.Disney.WEBRip.DTS-HD.MA.6.1.x265-TrollUHD – 21Gb

Download from ZIPPYSHARE (Splits) – NO LIMITS

Download from 1fichier (Single Link) – NO LIMITS

Star.Wars.Episode.VI.Return.of.the.Jedi.1983.2160p.HDR.Disney.WEBRip.DTS-HD.MM.6.1.x265-TrollUHD – 24Gb

Download from ZIPPYSHARE (Splits) – NO LIMITS

Download from 1fichier (Single Link) – NO LIMITS

Star.Wars.Episode.V.The.Empire.Strikes.Back.1980.2160p.HDR.Disney.WEBRip.DTS-HD.MA.6.1.x265-TrollUHD – 24Gb

Download from ZIPPYSHARE (Splits) – NO LIMITS

Download from 1fichier (Single Link) – NO LIMITS

Star.Wars.Episode.IV.A.New.Hope.1977.2160p.HDR.Disney.WEBRip.DTS-HD.MA.6.1.x265-TrollUHD – 24Gb

Download from ZIPPYSHARE (Splits) – NO LIMITS

Download from 1fichier (Single Link) – NO LIMITS



19 Responses

  1. ribasmudj says:

    Is this the same quality as on Disney+ or did it get worse through ripping? Because it’s way worse than Bluray in terms of video quality for me and I see people praising these versions online as the best looking ones. Granted my TV has terrible HDR but even 4k sharpness is just not there.

  2. Diogo says:

    Someone know how to get .srt subs for this (in english) ? they’re nowhere

  3. Pirata Morgan says:

    Hope to get episode 7 and 8 like this.

  4. SkyCAM says:

    Being a vivid Star Wars Collector this is still a treat for the christmas season!
    What I want to see first hand what kind of master they used for these. I cannot believe would really first release the 4K masters they have been working on at Lucasfilm for years now just like this on their streaming service but I shall see.

  5. qui says:

    Hi, the links are down for Episode 4

    • TheRealDude says:

      Hey. Check now? It’s jus filecrypt glitch, it shows it off but it’s on, so I re-check so it makes it’s stats updated.

  6. JoeMovie says:

    There seems to be some discussion in the forums about a few problems with these TrollUHD star wars releases.
    1. The subtitles for aliens are cut off as they appear in the black below the picture. In some scenes they are partially showing or cut in half.
    2. The audio is from the bluray and not disney+ so it doesnt have the “maclunkey” or whatever that means.
    3. Fake HDR. I guess all these DSNP titles so far are fake HDR or SDR in an HDR container??
    Just wanted to mention these things before everyone downloads 21GB. Please comment if additional info or thoughts are available. Cheers 🙂

    • Tok says:

      Guess the rest of them are cropped as well?

    • Jetroman says:

      1. As an information, that’s fine, but if you trying to ruin what others did, it sucks, what trolluhd did and then posted by therealdude is definitely fantastic, they didn’t force u to paid, if u like, u take it, if u don’t just quiet. Your tone is not positive at all dude, please appreciate what others share

      2. What the problem? Everyone who know about quality and home theatre will confirm that Lossless DTS HD Master Audio is way much superior than Lossy Atmos on Dolby Digital + , i guess u didn’t know anything about audio quality, just blurred by “atmos” logos

      3. So What ? can u provide the real HDR ? give your real contribution, stop complaining

      Spent 6x @20′ Gb is definitely worth it, until the physical disk released

      • mark says:

        Why are you so butthurt over someone criticizing the A/V quality? Did you rip the movies yourself?

        • jetroman says:

          it’s not Critics but False Nonsense, TrollUHD rip it and THEREALDUDE share it here, all the credit is for them

          Why are you so butthurt over my criticizing to a mommy boy that always complain about anything? Are u his mommy ?

      • George says:

        “So what?”
        So if someone converts a 720p video into a 1080p you just say “So what”?!
        The only good point you made is about the Blurays having better audio quality (but I’m guessing the problem is that not every dialogue matches the video). The rest is nonsense.

        • jetroman says:

          “So if someone converts a 720p video into a 1080p you just say “So what”?!”

          The problem is no one is converting anything, it is what it is, the streaming material from disney+ is also like that, the “FAKE HDR” term is totally FALSE and NONSENSE

      • JoeMovie says:

        Not trying to argue with anyone. This was just important information I thought would be worth sharing before people tried to download all these. There are some comments about the audio being out of sync as well due to the audio being from the BluRay.

        Not trying to “ruin hat others did” but again this is important information to know before downloading. Some suggest these releases will be nuked and someone will repack them with correct cropping for subs and audio fixes. Just an fyi. Not going to argue with anyone. Cheers.

        • jetroman says:

          If you not trying to “ruin hat others did” just do it the right way, don’t use Fake term so easy, because its not Fake at all, it just inferior (compare to other title HDR’s, but it’s totally not apple to apple)

          if u want better version (and if u able and qualified, which i think u don’t) go find UHDCANDY and PETRiFiED WEB internal release, or BLASPHEMY webrip release, They already release Star Wars Saga over there too, even days before trollUHD version

          prove yourself not just complainer

    • foe says:

      1. Episodes III and V don’t have cropped alien hardsubs [as there are none in general]. So they haven’t been nuked/trumped.

      2. I don’t think that’s a bad thing — in fact many private trackers prefer, and some require, this. Alike, when/if 4K BluRay comes out that will also be favored if PQ/fidelity is higher.

      3. It’s not fake HDR. All of of the HDR on DSNP is just baked in at lower nits — something like 250. It’s not specific to just these titles, nor is it the encoder’s fault. It’s just how DSNP is broadcasting 4K HDR.

      In conclusion, like point 1 — Episodes III and V are fine to download, skip the rest.

      • foe says:

        UPDATE 4-1-2020

        Don’t download ANY of these TrollUHD releases since they are WEBRips when there is WEB-DL and BluRay releases out now. Also, TrollUHD releases that have HDR generally have messed up HDR too.

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